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Welcome to the REAL-tor Advice Podcast

with Mike Opyd

Something I tell all of my agents and any that I meet is that it is important for realtors to be putting out good content on a daily basis and how it needs to be on ALL platforms. We do not know where our next client is going to come from so why miss any opportunity. Listening to my own advice, I want to use my voice to put out more content to help realtors. My podcast is based around the rest of my content, helping realtor with REAL advice they can use not something useless like what we hear in classrooms and read out of text books.


EPISODE # 7: TipS to Keep Your Listings Fresh

As listing agents, we have to make sure we are staying on top of our listings and keep them fresh in consumers eyes. This is especially true when the market is slow and traffic has slowed down. Long market times can really hurt listings.

EPISODE #6: 11 Tips for Realtors to Stay Mentally Sharp

Real estate is a very stressful career. It is so important for agents to find ways to take mental breaks in order to remain focused and sharp. If agents are getting burned out or stressed out, their thought process slows down and they may advise their clients improperly. Deciding to buy or sell real estate is to buy if a decision for and agent to not be on point with their advice.

Episode #5: How to Get More Referrals

Referrals are the lifeline of a realtor’s business. In order to build a successful real estate business, you have to get referrals. In this podcast, I share the ways to get more referrals to grow your business.

EPISODE #4:What New Realtors Need to do to be Successful

The first few years of a realtor’s career are extremely difficult. They do not really know anything and the little they did learn in the classes is useless. Real estate is a career you really do learn as you get experience. In this weeks podcast we share how new realtors can succeed quickly.

EPISODE #3:Why Prospecting is Vital to a Realtor’s Business

Realtors need to be prospecting every single day for new clients. It should be one of the first things they do every day as part of their daily to do list. Consistency is everything with prospecting. It’s also the toughest part.

There are a lot of different ways to prospect. Agents need to find the ways they can do and also learn to think outside the box and try other things.

EPISODE #2:The Importance of Social Media For Realtors

Social media is so incredibly important for realtors. It’s an amazing way for realtors to stay in touch with their database and market themselves. It can literally build a realtors brand from nothing. Agents need to make sure they are using the right platforms for the people they want to target and have a consistent distribution strategy for doing so. At the same time, make sure to put out a message that realtors to how they want their brand to be viewed.

EPISODE #1:A Realtors Brand is Everything!

Realtors need to look at themselves as a brand. As public people, Realtors are seen all of the time whether at a ballgame or posting on social media. They have to make sure they are putting out a message that reflects how they want to be seen. They need to make sure everything they do, say, or post reflects their brand and is geared towards the type of clients they want to attract.