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mike opyd


“Everything an Agent Does is a Direct Reflection of Their Brand”

Mike Opyd’s Story

Mike grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, living there with his parents and younger brother. Mike worked mostly in traditional jobs as a younger man but has always had the entrepreneurial drive, running an independent painting company one summer while in college. After graduating college, he moved to Boston to work in corporate America. Two years later, he quit to move back to Chicago with no job in the worst depression the United States has ever seen.

While looking for a new job, Mike had a conversation with his cousin, a realtor in Chicago about investing in real estate. Although having no money to invest, the conversation lead to Mike becoming obsessed with real estate and two weeks later he had is license.

The first few years of his career, Mike only did a handful of deals while working on his cousin’s team. As the economy started to get better, Mike’s production started to increase leading him to leave his cousin’s team. After working independently for a little while he joined a Group and helped grow it to one of the top producing Groups in the city of Chicago.

Although enjoying his time working in the Group, Mike has always wanted to start his own company. It is something he has thought about for a long time and in 2016 he decided to leave the Group and do just that. Separating from the Group, Mike began to work on building his own company from scratch before he was presented with an opportunity to buy a RE/MAX franchise. In 2017, Mike opened up the doors to RE/MAX NEXT. A broker designed to really help real estate agents and limit them like a traditional brokerage does.

“What I realized early in my career is that as much as I love helping people buy and sell real estate, I love helping agents more. Throughout my career, I found it incredibly rewarding to be able to share all of my knowledge with any agent that needed it. I decided that the best why I can truly help agents, is by opening up a company that is designed to not limit them in any way. I took my years of experience and speaking to other agents and designed RE/MAX NEXT for agents to join and build their business however they envisioned it.” Mike Opyd

In Mike’s own words

I do not look at things the way a lot of realtors do. My mind works differently. I think outside the norms of what agents have been used to. Real estate is a very old business and I think people still look at things like they were before the internet. But times have changed. We are currently in the greatest era ever for realtors to market themselves.

I do not believe agent’s are looking at their business the way they need to. What they need to realize is that they are a brand. Just becuase they don’t have some fancy logo doesn’t mean their name isn’t the same thing. It is! Everything an agent does is direct reflection of their brand. Whether this is showing properties and doing anything real estate related or posting photos of their dog. All of it is viewed by consumers and potential clients now a days. We are living in a digital world and all of our content is public. Agents need to make sure they are putting out the right message at all times.

Seeing that agents are not thinking about things properly I wanted to use every platform possible to get my message out to help them. For half a year I built my content strategy and then started putting out as much content as I could to help agents. My content is not the normal subjects realtors speak about i.e. the market or interest rates. Instead I put out content to help them and their business. I offer free advice and tips that agents can implement into their business to help them succeed.

It truly is my passion to help real estate agents become better realtors and people. If I can help you at all please do not hesitate to reach out :)