CHAPTER 4: Questions to Ask When Interviewing an Agent

Below is a list of good general questions to ask an agent when you are interviewing agent to represent you.  Feel free to take this with you and write down their answers. Remember this is a person who you are going to be in contact with a lot through out the process and trusting to help with the largest financial decision of your life. You want to make sure you are absolutely comfortable with who ever you choose to work with.

1)   How long have they been in real estate?

2)   Are they a full time agent?

3)   What areas in the city do they focus on?

4)   What is their area of expertise? (i.e first time home buyers, investment properties)

5)   What percentage of their business is from buyers vs sellers?

6)   What type of properties do their buyers typically buy? (condo, single family, multi-units)

7)   How many buyers are they currently working with?

8)   How many buyers do they typically work with at the same time?

9)   How many total clients including sellers are they working with?

10)   What was their total production last year and how much of it was from buyers?