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Patience Is Everything

One of the hardest things for anyone building a business from scratch is to be patient. BUT it is incredibly important you learn this. Repeat it to yourself over and over. Make patience become a part of who you are. If you are able to teach yourself patience and keep this in the back of your mind, you will not make rash decisions and put yourself in a no win situation.

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Maximize Your Time

The one thing we can not get more of is time. How are you spending yours?

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Stop Wasting Money

If you looked at your financial statements and bank accounts do you think you can find some things you spent money on stupidly? I guarantee you can.

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Find Your Platform

Videos, speaking, writing, what are the most comfortable doing? It doesn't matter what the platform is you feel the best about, use it to market yourself.

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ALWAYS Ask for Reviews

How many times have you looked up a restaurant on Yelp! before you went there? Or Googled a place to read the reviews? My guess is about a million times and probably do it daily. So what do you think any potential client is going to do to you?

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How to Convert Leads Into Clients

If you had a lead drop in your lap would you know how to convert it into a client?

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If You're Not Marketing to Your Database YOU WILL FAIL

Marketing to your database is the most important thing and agent can do to ensure a long career.

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Building a Real Estate Business is Insanely Hard

Building a sustainable real estate business is one of the most difficult businesses to build.

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Being a new realtor is incredibly difficult. You do not know anything (what they teach in the licensing classes is basically useless).

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