How to Convert Leads Into Clients

If you had a lead drop in your lap would you know how to convert it into a client? Seriously would you know how? I think that most agents would say yes to this question out of pure reaction and not wanting to sound stupid. The reality is, most agents do not know how to convert leads and this really hurts their business. One thing I see all too often is agents follow up with the lead once and thats it. WHAT???

Converting a lead is a game. Agents need to think of it that way. Just becuase the first attempt didn’t work doesn’t mean give up. There needs to be a game plan in place to try and convert them. Plus

Follow Up Immediately!

When I say immediately, I mean drop EVERYTHING and call that person! I do not care if you are at dinner with our significant other or at a baseball game. Reach out immediately. If you think I’m joking about this ask my wife if I’ve ever excused myself from a dinner to call a lead. If you are getting a lead, the chances are other people are getting the same lead or that person is on 100 other sites clicking around. Other agents are likely reaching out to them as well. You want to be the first person to speak to them. Why? Becuase 78% of customers work with the first person they speak too.

Have a Follow Up System In Place

Don’t just reach out once and throw the info away if you don’t get a hold of them. You better have an extensive follow up system in place. When I say extensive, I mean like months. Right after you follow up with the lead for the first time you need to put them into a system. Make sure to follow up again the same day. If still no response then follow up day 2. Then day 3. Then 5 days later. Then 1 week later. Then 2 weeks later. Then a month later. You get the picture yet? Also, don’t just do one type of follow up. Do many! Call, text, and email. Also, have your scripts ready. Not just call scripts but also email templates for each response you have.

TIP: Make sure you are tracking every lead. It is important to know your conversion rate. If your rate sucks then you need to try something else.

Your Goal is to Get a Meeting

A meeting should be the focus of every name that comes your way, buyer or seller! You mindset should be on how to get a meeting with whoever you speak with. There is only so much you can do over the phone or through email. A meeting is where the real lead conversation happens. If you are speaking with a buyer, try to get them to meet you at a public place. I always suggest a coffee shop. People will feel better about meeting a stranger in a place they feel comfortable in. Plus you can offer to buy them a coffee which is always a nice gesture.

If it a seller, you are likely going to meet at the property. You will want to get as much info as you can beforehand when you speak to them to set up the meeting. Keep in mind, most sellers meet with a few agents so you better be prepared.

Win the Meeting!

This is your chance to sell yourself, you better bring you “A” game. First impressions are everything so make sure when you meet the lead, you are coming in looking the part, brining energy, and be positive. Most important, KNOW YOUR SHIT! You only have one chance so make it count. Do as much research as you can beforehand on everything. Especially if it is a listing. A quick tip, make sure you are up to date on your current events. When you meet the lead you need to be able to talk to them about any topic. You are trying to build a repoire with this person and get them to not only trust you but like you as well. Overall, be yourself and be CONFIDENT!

A cold lead is not an easy thing to convert. Just getting a hold of the person is difficult enough. Make sure you are prepared for any lead that comes your way. You won’t convert every lead but you want to put yourself in the best position to convert as many as possible.