Find Your Platform

Videos, speaking, writing, what are the most comfortable doing? It doesn't matter what the platform is you feel the best about, use it to market yourself. If you love being in front of a camera start a YouTube channel. If you would rather be behind a mic, start a podcast. If you love to write, start a blog. Whatever you choose, make it the base of all of your content and create smaller content from it.


I get it, not everyone is meant to be in front of a camera. For some people, I know it is one of the most terrifying things they can do. But if you love the camera or are OK getting in front of one. Video is something you absolutely need to start utilizing if you are not already. Video is how we consume most of our media now a days. Think about it, how many videos are there on YouTube? Billions??? Look at the stats below, that should be all you need to know to start making videos if you don’t already.

  • The total number of people who use YouTube – 1,300,000,000.

  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!

  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.

  • YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day

If you want more stats check out this LINK

I’ve had this conversation with other agents and the one excuse I get a lot is “I don’t have time.” If you have seen any of my videos I can tell you it is not as hard as you think. Your phone can do a lot of things, especially record amazing videos. So take out your phone and start recording! Document your journey as a realtor. Have fun with it. Be creative. Do something different. Come up with something that will get people talking. Then edit it to make it look professional (there are a ton of free programs you can use to edit, I like IMovie, it is very easy to use but it is also very basic and doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles).

Keep in mind, your first videos are going to suck. It’s OK. The more you do them the better you will get. Plus you will start to perfect your editing and how to shoot the videos better. Look at my very first videos or anyone else that started doing them themselves. They are pretty awful.

NOTE: subtitles are incredibly important. A lot of people consume videos while commuting or in between commercials meaning they don’t watch the videos with the sound on. You need to add subtitles to your videos. Try using the app called CLIPS. It’s free and very easy to use. You can also edit the subtitles so you make sure your message is clear.


Blogging is something I love doing. Writing is not dead even though I just told you above how much we consume video. As a society we still love to read. Books are still sold and magazines (no so much newspapers anymore) are still read. A lot of the reading we do now is digital so blogs are a perfect place to write. Blogs are also a great place to share your thoughts with the world if being in front of a camera is not your thing.

There are plenty of different ways to blog as well. Wordpress, Blogger, build a site of your own on a platform like SquareSpace and blog there. Find content you think people are going to want to hear about. Maybe you are the expert in a neighborhood (or want to be). Start writing about the neighborhood. Go to different stores or restaurants and talk to the people there. Interview people. Hell just stand on a corner and observe whats going on and write about it. Find something you want to be an expert in and just start typing!

NOTE: make sure you are passionate about your topic. It takes a while to get transaction on blogs so you really have to show people why they should be reading your content. Also, post it everywhere!!! You have to find ways to get it seen.


So you don’t like being in front of a camera and you don’t feel like you’re a very good writer but I bet you can talk. if you are a realtor, you can talk. It’s what we do! And we do it a lot. So why don’t you start a podcast and start talking. It ls the same thing as writing a blog and honestly just as easy to start. If you are not sure what to do just Google how to start a podcast. There are tons of articles written on how to do it.

There are also free programs like ANCHOR that you can use to record and distribute your content. I use it myself. It’s very easy to use and doesn’t take much to set up. Plus, I love that just posting a podcast gets it sent out to the main sites it needs to go to. Then you can post it on all of your social media platforms.

Just like with a blog, you can start podcasting about whatever topic you want to be considered an expert in. You can also find people that relate to your topic and interview them on your podcasts. If you can find influencers you can interview, tag them and have them share your podcast. Maybe go viral with it and be known as the expert in for example, first time home buyers.

Look whatever you feel the most comfortable with, start doing it. You need to find a pillar content that you can use as the main platform for your content. Then you can make smaller content from it. You can take photos of you, or voice clips, or small 30 second video clips. The more content you can put out the better. Remember is it all about building your brand.

There is a platform for everyone, you just have to find yours!