ALWAYS Ask for Reviews

How many times have you looked up a restaurant on Yelp! before you went there? Or Googled a place to read the reviews? My guess is about a million times and probably do it daily. So what do you think any potential client is going to do to you? The first thing they are going to do is look you up. The question is; what are they going to see???

We rely so heavily on reviews now that it must be on your to-do list as soon as you close a client (or even before if you want). If you are not doing this, you are missing a huge opportunity to generate more business. It doesn’t matter if it is a cold lead or a referral from someone else. That person is going to search and find out as much about you as possible. So how do you get reviews?


Do not just assume a past client is going to go out of their way to review you. Most wont even think of doing so. The buyer or selling process is a daunting one. There are so many frustrating parts to it and so many moving parts that once it is over most clients are just happy to be done. They are already thinking what they need to do next. Whether it’s the move, setting up their utilities, or sending out a post card to their family and friends about their new home. With all that is going on with them, you have to make sure you are asking for the review.

Do not just mention this at the closing either. From the very start when you meet your client you should bring up that you will ask for a review after closing. I use it as part of my presentation when I meet the first time. i make a joke out of it but I ALWAYS make sure the tell them. Then I bring it up throughout the process as a reminder. And of course, after we close I tell them Ill be asking for a review in a few days if they wouldn’t mind please filling a few out for me. I even mention that they can write one review on a site and copy and paste it to the others to make it easier.

Note: I always ask for 5 stars as well. I want to make sure they are giving me 5 stars so the reviews look better. Does'n’t mean they always will but I want to put it in their head to do so.

You Must be on Multiple Platforms

Before you ever ask for a review you need to make sure you have all of your profiles set up on the platforms you are going to request the reviews on. I have three platforms I use: Zillow, Realtor.com, and Yelp!. I chose these platforms becuase they are the most used sites for buyers and sellers and they come up higher in the search pages when people Google you. Make sure your profiles look amazing as well. Don’t half ass these. Clients are going to look you up on these sites and you want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward at all times and creating a great first impression for them. Think of it as selling yourself to them before you ever meet. If their first impression of you sucks, they are not going to want to use you.

Also, the more reviews you have the higher your profile shows up in searches as well. SEO is huge when there are a lot of agents out there for people to choose from.

Note: Zillow and Realtor.com you can request reviews straight from the sites. Yelp! you need to ask them to go to and review you.

Create a Review Email Template

Unfortunately, people are lazy (or may just busy) nowadays, We need to do whatever we can to make things easier for them. I highly suggest making an email template and send it with links to all of the sites. I send the reviews through Zillow and Realtor.com directly but also include links to my profiles in my email template to them as well just as another way to make it easier for them. I send it a few days after I close a person. If I send it right away, with everything they have going on it is going to get lost on them.

Social Media

I think every realtor should post EVERY review they get on ALL of their social media sites. It is really easy to do and you look like a rockstar. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to brag about yourself right?! My suggestion is to make it look good through. Don’t just copy and past it into your wall. Take your time and make it look presentable. I love when I see realtors use a photo of the property in the background then put the review as a word overlay on the post. You can easily do this on Canva.com for free.

This goes back to my points about how your content represents you and your brand. Every post should represent you and posing a review is no different. Make it look good then post it all over the place. Put a link back to your profile as well. Be proud of your review and let others see it!

Track Them and Follow Up

On thing to keep in mind is that not everyone is going to review you the first time you ask them. Sometimes it takes a lot of reminders to get someone to do this. Even then they might not ever review you. You need to make sure you are tracking when you ask for them. It doesn’t matter where you keep track of them but make sure you do and make sure you are following up often. I follow up every month with a client until they review me (I still follow up even years later although my guess is Ill probably never get a review from those people). When you track them, put the dates of when you reached out so you know when you did last. If you use Zillow and Realtor.com you can go directly on the site and send reminders to your clients. Yelp! you can not. I also forward the recommendations email template I referenced earlier as a reminder as well. The more ways you can keep reminding them the better.

Reviews are such a powerful way to promote yourself that it should be a major priority of yours once you close a client. Don’t miss an opportunity to pick up a client becuase you are being lazy and not asking for them. Let people see what your clients think of you. I will help you bring on more business and we all need more business :)