Being a new realtor is incredibly difficult. You do not know anything (what they teach in the licensing classes is basically useless). You have no clients. You have no sales history. You have no experience. You have no brand name. You have nothing. You are essentially starting a business from scratch. Make sure do things right from the beginning to set yourself up for success.

Here are 5 things all brand new agents should do as soon as they get their license.

1) Interview at many brokerages to find the best fit

Where you hang your license is important. Each brokerage is going to offer different options for you. You really need to find a brokerage that is going to allow you to develop your business and support you in the process. Make sure to ask a ton of questions.

  • Find out about their educational and mentorship programs (I can not stress the mentorship part enough, make sure you will have a very good mentor who will be available to you all of the time not just at your meetings).

  • Do they offer marketing support?

  • How do you get paid?

  • What is the culture like?

  • How does their commission structure work?

  • What are the monthly fees and any additional costs associated with the brokerage i.e. printing.

2) Educate yourself as much as possible

When you first get your license you a a blank canvas. Your lack of knowledge is your biggest weakness but YOU HAVE NOTHING BUT TIME ON YOUR SIDE. Since you have no business, use this time to your advantage. Educate the heck out of yourself.

  • Read everything you can get your hands on: books, blogs (especially mine :), articles, newsletters

  • Research different types of properties in the areas you want to work. Know what types of properties are where. Look up different beds and baths. Get to know the pricing of these properties. It is important you know the values of properties when speaking to clients.

  • Go to brokers opens. Check out different types of properties. Look at various price points. Make sure to spend time meeting the agents as well this is a great opportunity to build your database of realtors and introduce yourself to them.

  • Get to know different areas. Not just the properties there but what each area offers. Where the parks are (dog parks also), grocery stores, public transportation, gyms. schools… anything a buyer is going to need to know.

  • Take classes. Your association will have a lot of classes they offer. Start signing up for ones you think will be helpful. Most cost money so make sure you spend wisely. See if your brokerage offers classes. Check online for classes.

  • Ask questions. Seek out other agents in your office willing to help. Rely on your mentor (WHICH I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU START WORKING WITH RIGHT AWAY). Go on Facebook and ask questions. Ask other realtors you know. Basically ask everyone everything!

3) Market to your database.

Your database is everything. It is the thing that you will build your business on. Compile a list as large as you can. Get people names, addresses, emails, and cell numbers. Add everyone you can. Then put together a game plan to market to it.

Plan to market to it at least 28-33 times a year. Calls, e-blasts, emails, texts, send newsletters, send postcards or other mailers. It is important you write down your game plan and set reminders for yourself so you do not miss any opportunities to touch your database..

4) Understand you are a brand

This is something I do not feel enough agents truly understand. Agents are a brand. Everything they do whether it’s posting about family on social media or even out to dinner. Everything an agent does is a direct reflection of their brand. Make sure whatever you do is how you want your brand to be seen. This is especially true on social media. Anything you post will be seen by everyone so make sure you are putting out content that represents how you want people to view you.

5) Be prepared to work your ass off!!!

This is pretty self explanatory but know that you will need to be on 24/7/365. Real estate is not a 9-5 job. Realtors work nights and weekend. We are on call all of the time for our clients and need to be. if you are not ready to work hard, you are not going to succeed in this career. Have the right mindset and go all out. Dive right in and do whatever you need to do to motivate yourself.


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